Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've Got Mail

On monday, May 28th 2012, when I were in bed cause of alergic attack, my father kindly went to post office to picked-up a package for me without my knowing. And just yesterday he handed the package and said sorry cause he forgot to deliver it to me *ooohhhh Daaddd - huugg - thank you so much* 

It is my first independent artisan ceramic beads that I bought early of May. It's directly sent by Birgitta of Angel Whisperer from Sweden. Waaa! My first artisan from Europe! I'm interesting on her beads because of her new ceramic kiln which is claim eco friendly from Rhode made in Germany. My eyes always fixed on supplies which have ECO FRIENDLY label. It's always succeed to gain attention from me, plus SALE of course *giggling*. It's kind of habit for me to look for something eco friendly, cause almost every week I meet with scavenger glasses for my raw materials glass bead rods. And begin this month *May* me and some my new beadmen will pick-up the waste shells from the fish auction market on Kenjeran beach *local beach* we try to make the shells become beads supplies *sippiriily*

Back again to my brand new ceramic beads. Once opened, a treasure is revealed. Here what I got from Birgitta *huuggg* cause I got the bonus from her too *smile* Quite happy with the beads. And my favorite is her Hedgehog bead. It's so deadly cute. 

But...I have already get inspire by the matte yellow ceramic pendant for my next blog hop that I follow. The blog hop will be host by Jennifer Cameron of AJE. She post photo below as our inspiration to create.


  1. capuuuuunggg... tapi ndak buat dijual lagi yah... *ngeces*