Monday, May 7, 2012

My Bead Swap *Finally*

On saturday night, I found a package on my desk. Little glimpse at the package cause I were in the hell of tired. Though it just usually package like the others...D. Millard?!?...hmm...aaahhh...the package which I have been waiting for. I graped it fast.

There were two small pack with bubble plastic wrap. I opened the slim one.
Ohh...I was so 'jump' in surprise. So this is first lampwork bead from abroad *cause I never buy any lampwork beads from international independent artisan* Thank you so much Donna. She strung her lampwork together with swarovsky *I presume* and add bead cap...turn it became a beautiful pendant *wwuuuaahhh*

And the fat one beads with chrismas theme. I love the snow beads. I saw snow beads for the first time was belongs to Laura Sparling. Simple clear white, fresh and looks crispy to me *lol* I can imagine that these beads would be great for christmassy winter design.

Once again...thanks Donna Millard. Finally I can touch lampwork beads from international independent artisan. And please don't and my beadmen are not that kind of copycat people. Your lampwork beads save with us **

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