Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get Inspire For Mini Craft Fair - Part 1

Last week I read about hosting a craft fair on Cheryl's blog. It's quite give me idea to think about mini craft fair for my housing complex neighbor. In front of my house, there is a volley ball field. And mini garden beside it. It looks so perfect place to orginaze mini craft fair. Now...I can feel the thrill running into my blood hhheeemmm independence day sound like perfect moment. August just round the corner. Better be fast make some planning and proposal. What do I need then...

...decoration for mini booth for each exhibitors...
tik tok tik it is mini craft fair, so the exhibitors must be selected with carefully. No more than two exhibitors selling the same thing. Their booth must need something unique for decoration and each booth should be different. In my mind now, I have five categories of selling thing. Jewelry for sure and the Supplies of course, adding with Flannel Craft *booming in here* plus Toys Craft *lots of children will come along with their parents* and the final touch is Art. Perhaps something like these suitable for booth decoration...

This panel would look wonderful turned into a small wall hanging at Toys booth

This felt table runner so chic to display pieces at Flannel Craft booth

This pussy willow pillow could be alternative for earring stand at Jewelry booth. Just simple post the earrings on the pillow follow the willow pattern.

This statue perfect to put in front of Art booth to welcome everyone.

Fill the glass and the bottle with colorful of beads. It will give something eye-catching at Supplies booth.

...fabric canopy tent...
As in my plan, the craft fair will be at morning 'till evening 4pm. I'll talk about this next week. Cause I need to googling some beatiful tent and anything else for the fair need. be continue...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Day WIth...

...great regret...
Friend of mine said = idol turns into enemy
Enemy in my short of life? Oh noo...
Sometime our good intention might be read into wrong perception by someone else. Moreover there are barriers of language differences. I hate to be underestimate by someone else. I was angry enough when I read the message. And today I try to think about it again. I see a potential conflicts in future, so I cancel my idea for next year theme. 
Ok be it...let me forget about yesterday, starting to think again about the theme.

...cocktail...'s super cool blog hop!!! Cocktail Hour Blog Hop by Copper Diem. What is cocktail anyway? Googling on next tab *grin* I think I never drink this kind of drink heemmm...interesting...calling for Sist Miko and her friends to join the partyyyyy...

...walet and ipod...
Guess kitties love the ipod ha ha ha last night I played some Vivaldi's song. After dinner time, they always play like crazy.'s fun to see them happy playing just like that, but a lot of annoying too. They bited my brand new wallet two days ago. And now there are new addition small holes on my wallet. Officially canine tooth-made by my kitties.
And last night I try to plug-in the ipod to speaker. So all the house can listen too *wink* something happen wear with the kitties. They sit-down and start to pay attention to the music. And seems that classic music touch every living kind... project...
I had these java beads long time ago. Just want to turn to something etnic with the beads. Now time to take a walk...gain some inspiration.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Decision...

I give-up!
Finally I cancel my schedule to visit Inacraft 2012. I can't found perfect flight or train ticket. A bit frustrated actually, cause I'm already imagine about shopping supplies madness on the show. And looking forward for new supplier from abroad. And everything is impossible now.

And to wreak my lust for shopping which already buried from a few months ago, finally I went to mall. Bought something that already on my wishlist *smile* Annddd...I bumped on Periplus. Please do not ask the money I spent for the books. I just like crazy seeing the books that I fav lined up neatly. They like dancing to caught my eyes. And they did it he he he

This is the first time I bought Martha Steward's book. Although it's 2009 published book, but still I love it. I'll make a review to the book in bahasa. I'll not do in english, cause I believe it already bunch of review for the book out there. As for the magazines, oohhh mooo...llooots...perhaps toonss of projects. And I'm gonna try some projects. I'm interesting on PMC.

Stop there?!?

I need new wallet. My old one is already ragged. I have a wishlist wallet on my diary note. It's a Fossil. I found it from the web, and I was looked for it on near mall. Now it's on my hand. I haven't take a pic of my new wallet. But here from the web...
Ohh...I love it badly. Although the color is not my fav, but still I love the detail. I'm in love with the key fobs. It's not my false if I fans of Fossil. Cause I love the detail and the design. The way they pick collection each year is so unique. You can pin me as loyal fans *wink*
I took my steps around the new Fossil shop on the mall. Trust me...if I have a lot of money, I'll pick them all. Thanks God my money limitation can control my Fossil madness wk wk wk but I put new wish list on my diary note. It's a BAG. If you're been my friend for more than 3 years, you'll know how many bags that I have. I have one-door cupboard full of bags. Now...I'm going to add 1 collection. It's...

Explorer Foldover Tote
Still from Fossil *I've told you my madness*
Move on...
My husband said, I need MP3 player to cast out my sleepy habit. Everytime I go out town, I always falls a sleep. No matter I go with car, with motorcycle even with public transportation. So my husband always be my driver *dink*
Round and round...I stucked on Infinite APR cause my husband bumped with JBL On Stage 400P discount. Good shape and good price. He bought it + my new blue iPod Shuffle *lovely*

Last sunday was Earth Day. We met with Greenpeace volunteers. On the mall? Yeesss...politely they explained to us about their fund program. I smile. I asked my husband wheter he want to donate or not. He want to donate but won't to fill the register ha ha ha so it'll be one time donation ha! So be it...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reveal : Springtime Creative Colour Challenge

I joined Bonnie's challange on her blog. Still about spring time design. Picture below as point of inspiration.

...goldfinches sitting on a fence surrounded by greenery and yellow flower...

Making jewelry design is not my main hobby. Basically you can pin me as beads collector. So that's way I throw myself into java bead's upturn.  It's often met with my beadmen, from there I started learning to explore java beads into jewelry bit by bit. A lot of young women in Gudo to be jewelry maker. Some of jewelry technique I learn from them. I made these two cute pins using Mujidah's technique. It's simple wire jewelry technique. Hope you like it...
Spring Bee
 The ingredients used for the pin :
Java powder bead for the tummy from Manik Jawa
Synthetic pearl for the head & neck
Acrylic bead for the wings

I made two kind of jewelry. Pins and key-charm. You can use it for your bag charm too. I made the loop using Lorelei Eurto's tutorial and it worked. Quite satisfy to see the result. The pigeon itself just so perfect for spring theme.
 Springly Pigeon
  The ingredients used for the key-charm :
Yellow pigeon from Manik Jawa
Miyuki seedbead
Seed bead from Manik Jawa

Due to differences in time, here right now is already saturday afternoon of April 21st 2012. I guess it still friday night of April 20th in US. So I'll wait for the reveal of other participants...dag dig dug...cause it's my first time to join jewelry challenge on blog *wink*

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re-post : My Bead Swap

I posted this at my Manik Jawa Inc's blog and then I decide to re-post it in here cause the activity actually represent my personal life. So it's better I put in here then...

Lets start once again ok...

I have Donna Millard as my partner for bead swap. Here the beads that I sent on monday for her. Hope she will love them. All the beads that I sent for her are handmade using traditional tools, no manufacturing machine by talented beadmen of Manik Jawa Inc.
Some round resin beads
A small plastic of wood bead
Handmade stainless steel finding
Some animal beads
Replica old beads
Onyx and marble stones
Batik beads

I sent all the beads using batik box (cause I have aaa loot of the beautiful etnic box). And she send her swap for me today...waaa...impatient to wait...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Springtime Creative Colour Challenge

Last week, I decided to join the challange. This challenge will be host by Bonnie , a friend from Bead Soup Cafe. And this month, our point pf inspiration is this (below) picture of goldfinches sitting on a fence surrounded by greenery and yellow flower. We can use one or all the colors to highlight in our design.

Heemmm...lets see what I got.

April 13th 2012

I made two kind of jewelry, pin and key-chain. I know it's very simple technique. I'm quite confuse which one that gonna go to reveal *frown* Any suggestion?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nuansa Timor

I made this necklace actually last year. I never though that Mutisalah Bead's color will be trend color of this year 2012 - Tangerine Tango by Pantone. I made the necklace using Java Bead and manufactured seed bead from China. I'll include this necklace on Khatulistiwa launching on May 5th next month.

The ingredients used for the necklace :
Mutisalah beads (tradisional beads from east nusa tenggara) from Manik Jawa
Dayak beads from Manik Jawa
Replica of africa beads from Manik Jawa
Java beads seed beads from Manik Jawa
Anahida beads (tradisional beads from east nusa tenggara) from Manik Jawa
Blue mini chevron beads from  Manik Jawa
Manufactured seed beads from China

Story behind the Nuansa Timor
In Indonesia, the study of beads was initiated by Dutch scholars in the early 20th century and continued by Indonesian scholars such as R.P. Soejono, J.R.I. Panggabean, H. Sukendar and others. However the origin of many beads remained then a mystery, especially small orange glass beads which are called mutisalah in East Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia regardless of their origin and age. The mutisalah beads are highly valued and are reserved for chieftains. The preference for orange might relate to the orange color of coral which is a valuable trade item since ancient times. Small red brown glass beads of a terra cotta color are called anahida and are mostly worn by the common people, they are also expensive.