Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid-year 2012

Is it me or are the days just disappearing very rapidly?
I can't believe that this week is last of june and next week will be july. It's mid-year already. Eid will be coming in the next two month. Maybe the speed that days go by is directly proportionate to how organized you are for Eid? I say this because my Eid organization is non-existent. Just like years past, my family visit older family member for silaturahmi *hospitality to older family member* preparing some cookies for visitors. And of course I MUST visit my husband's family too in Pekalongan - Central Java. 
I must honest...that I'm totally bore with this routine every year. I celebrate Christmas too at december. And I have no special planning for it's not like I'm being lazy. I just can't think of present ideas for people this year. I'm stumped. And the days keep disapearing...

Ohh well...year 2012 is not gonna end yet, but I have thought about 2013's resolution. Funny isn't it or wear *wink* I'm getting serious about one thing. Leo and Joe influnce me successfully indeed. And I won't tell you what is my resolution of 2013. I'll keep it in mind and keeping note about the progress.
Ohh...just struck me!!! I remember spruce in front of my parent's house. I saw it last monday when I visited them. Sooo ideal for CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Here the shot which I took on monday...
And I just found out that spruce spues sap *ooccchhhh*
Heiiii!!! I Heart Macro isn't coming yet right....ohhh...I should wait 'till sunday for macro photos. That's fine lah =) ok then...I have to finish my batik ribbon. Stitching every inch for a good ribbon result. In the meantime, I'll just keep busy myself on making batik ribbon for my BSBP partner while I try to think of Eid and Christmas gift ideas...

Almost forget...
Miss Payne, I'm so in love with your beads. Arrived yesterday safely. And they have found their fans too. I think I will continue my 2013's plan with yours. Just wait ok...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

M.H.I of The Month : Lampwork Beads

Must have item for this month is lampwork beads from Laura Sparling. I love her pieces since 2009. The first time I found Etsy, since then, I was diligently searching for something about glass bead or lampwork. And then I saw her blog. Fallen in love so deeply. And a classic reason why I still don't buy her beads is way too EXPENSIVE for me. As time goes by *2 years and still going*, now I'm fully understand why it takes cost high and I begin to accept the reason *smile* I still remember how I have been enjoying to read her post, but lately she seems little bit busy out there, and rarely to write her journey again on her blog. But still I love her pieces. I'll make a contact with her when I'm ready to order. For now, I read all her posts once again, looking for the beads that I want to ask her to re-make again. I hope she will ok with this *grin*
As I'm reading again her blog, so this post will be continuing blog post special about her. I'll tell you how special she is. And here one of my fav lampwork of her.....
Ocean Gleam Heart Pendant by Laura Sparling

She is very best on stringer lampwork beads. She seems to have very large of patience he he he read here about her story how to learn stringer beads. Now...enjoy her masterpiece on stringer lampwork beads.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tough Week

Sometime our plan doesn't work just like we want it. And now, is time to take the responsibility. Now Khatulistiwa officially become my own label of jewelry, cause my partner broke the deal a few days ago. So I'll take Khatulistiwa off from my Manik Jawa's line of ready-to-wear jewelry.
I hope I hear news from my BSBP partner soon. She's out of town and will be back today. I really do hope the BSBP will give me enought distraction from my disappointment of the late partnership.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

i heart macro

It's summer in here. And in sunday afternoon just like now, I do really need ice or something to cool me *smile* And I found out some of weeds that grow in the next house wither. 
Here my macro photo on wither weeds on summer season. Have a great sunday everyone...

To found more macro photo, just simple click here:
studio waterstone


Wondering what's that mean?!?
It refers to Bead Soup Blog Party. It is sort of exchange beads between  two partners and then when we receive it, we must create something using the beads that we have received. And it works for international participants too. Thanks and big hug for Lori Anderson our lovely host and this event is her creative idea too *originally* so I can meet with talented artisan from around the globe. And...this 6th Bead Soup Blog Party is my first time to join. And I picked Aug 25 for my reveal day. Why?!? I live in Surabaya - Indonesia. That's mean I need to concern about the delivery time for my bead package for my partner and try to estimate for arrival time of package that my partner will send to me. I must admit that our national post office is so slow in delivery packages. So need time more llooonnnggerr.
I'm amazed at how popular this party.'s 399 participants for the 6th international *wow* Lori must been hardworking for paired us *thank you dear*
And now...what I have got this afternoon on my mailbox?
My partner *smile* long the way to blueblood continent...France...
OMG...she lives in the most romatic country in the world. This must be interesting. My partner's name is Solange Collin and I get to know about her little bit from her Etsy shop and her web. She makes jewelry just like me and she sells Africa trade bead *ooohhhh* so she's beads lover too?!? Heemmm...take a look to her jewelry design below...
Scarlet Paintbrush by Solange Collin

As I design and produce my glass beads together with my beadmen, it's so lovely to find out that she loves african design beads, cause sometime we make replica of african beads too. Perhaps some original Indonesia's design such as dayak or timor glass bead design suitable for her *grin* here the african trade bead on her store that so pretty...
Now...I'm waiting for her reply *smile*
Curious about the beads she want me to send for her. But still I'm going thru my stash of things, prepare something for her and might give her some iconic thing from Indonesia he he he I hope I can hear from her ASAP cause I really do want to send the beads ASAP too. It just because post office things. Just want to send the package and arrive to her address save and soon. And expected the same too from her *wink*

Ok then...have a great weekend all.
And enjoy the party too =)))

Friday, June 15, 2012

Independence Day Collection

Preparing this theme since two months ago. Nothing special on the beads I used. Mostly I used java beads made by my beadmen. Merdeka!!! =)

 In Chain
I used java beads for the necklace

Surge of The Soul
This necklace has multy-purpose. 
Purple Pumpkin Java Beads
Clay Beads with rhinestone
Black Suede

The King Red Bee
Simple Brooch
Materials :
Java bead for the tummy
Acrylic beads for the wings
Faux pearls for the head

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I took these photos on march 2012, a week after their mother died cause of poison food. Four kittens lost their mother and they still need the mother's milk. I was quite stress back to three months ago. They looked so thin and dirty. I was so afraid that I can't take care of them. Meanwhile...I need to move from old house that I have lived for 5 years for new house. House was in mess, boxes everywhere. In a chaotic mind, they had managed to make me smile. played, as if that they already forgotten that their mother had just died.
 Kebo played hide and seek.
 Spoot in action.
 Sleepy Abang.
Goni was fighting with plastic bag.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


On sunday I went to friend's of mine warehouse. She just came back from exhibition in China. And brought tons of gemstones. She called me last week to visit her. Cause she want to show-off her goodies...waalllaaa...I took some 8mm round faceted agate for my stash and...perhaps for some my special customers too *grin* cause she won't let me took a lot, she need it too for her store. the agates...

 Green Agate
 Green & Orange Agate
Yellow Agate
Mixed Agate
Is this Agate or Carnelian?

Agate, when fired, has a distinctive crackled appearance. These variety of fired agates are enhanced to a beautiful leaf green color accented with patches of warm brown and cool gray shades. Warm blue white clear coloring from shades of watery aqua to pinky hot. There is agate features a beautiful lemony yellow. The beads are then permanently surface treated with a white glaze that hugs the crackles and creates a washed or antiqued look.  The green and orange color is rich and hugs the crackles that are formed in the stone. As for the dark red, I'm not sure wheter it is agate or carnelian. But it seem that the stones permanently treated to this lovely color. Nice quality rounds with clean holes, slightly translucent, beautiful color throughout, and faceted for extra bling.
All the colors are earthy and very relaxing. Generously sized, these are nice, quality rounds with an excellent polish, and faceted for extra bling! Come on, let's make something beautiful gals!

This is lovely Indian agate, also known as fancy jasper. In these particular beads, you'll find lots of earthy forest green beads accented with pops of red and lavender, and a little moss agate, which can be associated with this stone, mixed in. These are nice beads with a great polish! The colors are earthy, but bright. 

Botswana agate is a breath-taking, naturally banded, multi-colored agate found in the country of Botswana in Africa. This are high quality beads, graded A by the manufacturer. There is great color throughout. Here, you'll find shades from gray to yellow to brown, with pops of pink and peachy orange, all accented with beautiful, sharp, white bands. These are with a nice polish, that are faceted. Just looking at these will take you away to a safari!