Monday, May 14, 2012

i heart macro - wildfrower

I took this photo last week when I had last visit to my old house. Picked some stuffs and clean the house too before the new family come to stay there. I don't know what is the flower's name. Its grew up among the weeds. I love the color. White and green so perfect combo *smile*

So here...I took more closer to the flower. Fresh and soothing to the eye.

Click below to find out more gorgeous macro pictures. Have a great Mothers Day to all friends in State =)

studio waterstone


  1. Such a pretty little flower among the weeds!

  2. Sounds a bit sad you are leaving your house, and you certainly found some beauty there upon your going. Lovely photos to remember the moment by.

  3. Beautiful shot of this sweet thing. Hope you're happy in your new home!

  4. Those are beautiful. The last one is striking!

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  6. Thanks girls =)
    I'm quite happy with my new home. Everything is going just like I plan.