Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cocktail Hour Blog Hop Reveal

I know it's already too late to hoop, but I won't cancel my partisipasion for this challange. This morning I'm quite better than yesterday, so I decide to take some shoot. The pictures are not my best shoot, but I hope the piece *necklace* can represent my PINK PANTHER COCKTAIL.

I make only one piece of necklace for this hope. I tried to capture the gradation of pink and the melting ice rock, which gave the pink color more soft. Here my piece...

The ingredients used for the necklace :
Round yellow glass bead from Manik Jawa
Leaves glass beads from Manik Jawa
Large hole clay bead with rhinestones
Pink & transparent elastic string
Cherry Quartz gemstone chips
Black tiny round jade gemstone
4mm bicone swarovski bead crystal AB

 Here the pendant, which I made from yellow round glass bead and leaf beads, combined with bicone crystal AB. At the top there are two large hole clay beads to give sparkle.
The close-up

 At the front-line, I combine between elastic string and cherry quartz chips.  For the elastic string, I braid them first. I love the combination on the pink and transparant elastic string.

 I use tiny black jade to cover-up the connection between front-line and back-line.

 And here the back-line, combination between elastic string and gold chain. I'm not using clasp.

Well...there is my piece for the Cocktail Hour Blog Hop and I think I have included all colors element on my Pink Panther Cocktail into my yummy necklace. Hope you like it *cross-my-fingers*
This blog hop hosted by Amy of Cooper Diem and don't forget to hop to other blogs participant to find more gorgeous pieces. Here the list....


  1. I love it! Those pink beads are perfect! thanks for hopping!

  2. I agree with Amy, the pink beads re awesome!! Nice!!

  3. Beautiful colours, especially the cherry quartz which captures your cocktail perfectly.
    Deb x

  4. Great necklace...suits your cocktail very well!

  5. I love that pendant!!! This is such a summery creation!

  6. That is a yummy necklace! I have never heard of a Pink Panther, but it sounds delicious. I like the focal that looks like a lemon. Clever! Enjoy the day. Erin