Tuesday, June 5, 2012


On sunday I went to friend's of mine warehouse. She just came back from exhibition in China. And brought tons of gemstones. She called me last week to visit her. Cause she want to show-off her goodies...waalllaaa...I took some 8mm round faceted agate for my stash and...perhaps for some my special customers too *grin* cause she won't let me took a lot, she need it too for her store. Now...here the agates...

 Green Agate
 Green & Orange Agate
Yellow Agate
Mixed Agate
Is this Agate or Carnelian?

Agate, when fired, has a distinctive crackled appearance. These variety of fired agates are enhanced to a beautiful leaf green color accented with patches of warm brown and cool gray shades. Warm blue white clear coloring from shades of watery aqua to pinky hot. There is agate features a beautiful lemony yellow. The beads are then permanently surface treated with a white glaze that hugs the crackles and creates a washed or antiqued look.  The green and orange color is rich and hugs the crackles that are formed in the stone. As for the dark red, I'm not sure wheter it is agate or carnelian. But it seem that the stones permanently treated to this lovely color. Nice quality rounds with clean holes, slightly translucent, beautiful color throughout, and faceted for extra bling.
All the colors are earthy and very relaxing. Generously sized, these are nice, quality rounds with an excellent polish, and faceted for extra bling! Come on, let's make something beautiful gals!

This is lovely Indian agate, also known as fancy jasper. In these particular beads, you'll find lots of earthy forest green beads accented with pops of red and lavender, and a little moss agate, which can be associated with this stone, mixed in. These are nice beads with a great polish! The colors are earthy, but bright. 

Botswana agate is a breath-taking, naturally banded, multi-colored agate found in the country of Botswana in Africa. This are high quality beads, graded A by the manufacturer. There is great color throughout. Here, you'll find shades from gray to yellow to brown, with pops of pink and peachy orange, all accented with beautiful, sharp, white bands. These are with a nice polish, that are faceted. Just looking at these will take you away to a safari! 


  1. green agate and indian agate mauuuuuuu @ 1str

  2. mengajukan diri sebagai special customer, ;D

    1. wk wk wk khan udah follow blog ini =) berarti bisa menikmati bbrp penawaran 'special'
      BTW...mau Sist batunya?

    2. mau yg mix, indian & botswana deh... @1 strand *sambil membayangkan harganya... xixixi...* tengkyuuuu...

  3. mau green agate 1 str ya sis.. tengkyu..