Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It has been two month just like this. Wake-up...kitties woman...kitties tune...beads and stuff...gone with the bed every 2AM. It's daily activity of mine. Quite borring actually. So this morning when I gone to office, I bring-along my Canon and took snap picture. I am, sit on the office chair, stealing some times to post this picture. But then I look at the clock on my right and the hour is time to working on my tax and I think that I'll wait another day to post some more pictures. Perhaps tomorrow?

Ohh...just to let you know...Manik Jawa dear customers, on sunday I just finished to take pictures some new beads. Tonight I'll do my homework to price them all *wink* sometimes between 10 May to 11 May will listing new items. I'll do my best *fighting*