Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cocktail Hour Blog Hop Challange

On last post, I mention that I'll follow new challange host by Amy on her blog. It's all about cocktail. After Amy decide what kind of cocktail will be my inspire for my piece, I'll googling about the cocktail. And then I can use the ingredients, image, color of the drink or whatever else to inspire any piece of my design. And on May 26th 2012, I'll post my piece and give little bit explaination how the cocktail inspire me *cool* 
I think to try to make it one, siipppp it, ahhh...let see how the cocktail will influence me ha ha ha

This morning, Amy just sent me an email...PINK PANTHER COCKTAIL...will be my guide to make a piece of jewelry. And then I googling...wuzz...wuzz...wuzz...

Look so fresh ha *smile*
This Pink Panther combines pink lemonade with vodka. Vodka *dink* Amy said there would be no alkohol on her cocktail party. must not this one right. But...I would like to try the recipe =)
1.5 oz. Pearl Blueberry Vodka
2.5 oz. lemonade
10 Wild Maine Blueberries

This one is Pink Panther too *wink* with skimmed milk. I have trouble with the ingredients. Guess not available in here, such as licor 43 and grenadine. What is that?

Actually, both cocktail are ok. Similar color but different taste *I presume*
After little chat with Amy, finally I decide to use the first photo. A lot of colors and more challanging in the way to combine each color. Continuing to googling...


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    1. Coba Sist Miko contact ke copper diem. Atau diblognya Sist Miko belum dikasih email tha?

    2. he he he dah ada emailnya kok =) coba aku tanyakan ya...