Thursday, September 30, 2010

Testing Testing

...did you see something?!? *giggling* I took picture above at night without flash light. Just wondering what would it be. Hmm...I like the silhouette of my chili tree. I'm waiting for its harvest...
Huff...huff...I call him 'inu' , in japanese it means dog. He had accompanied me for 3 years. Sometimes, when I'm stressed out, Inu become a place to outpouring all my bad mood. Sound crazy right...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shades of Calm Dangling Bracelet

The combination of green and white really calming. So it is suitable if used during school or college or work. Stress ... seen the green and white around our calm and fresh again =)
Bracelet made of silver brass, synthetic pearls and plastic beads. Inspired when I saw my father get-up every morning always take care of his plants, wide and green leafy. The atmosphere of the house became very calm.
 Item Number 12
Price is here

By Request...'s the first time I took a chance making jewellery by request. And she is my own friend *smile* She request for her Blackberry's charm. Hope she likes it *grin*

The ladybuck is glass bead from Jombang. Cute isn't it *wink* All the beads are from Jombang ( aka Java Beads or Jombang Beads ).
My friend likes it *yippiee* and she decide to hang it as bag charm for her bag. Take a look *.^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shiny Green Lentils

Item Number 11
Size : 2.5 cm x 3.5 cm
Please visit my  Artfire for the price.
This is lampwork bead from Jombang - East Java. 
In bead world, most people call it as Java Bead. 

Because a large oval shape, it is very suitable for pendant or necklace. 
I love its green colour. Just like jade.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Indonesia Archipelago Bookmark

I made this bookmark to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Indonesia independence last August 17th 2010. Just want to show how much I proud to be Indonesian *smile*
 Very suitable for magazines and textbooks + novel
Length : 25 cm
Width : 15 cm
Made of :
dried ketapang (Terminalia cattapa L) leaf 
flower shape sequin, colour : red and white
flat round shape sequin, colour : aquamarine
findings from monel
green china crystal 
red and white ribbon 
Jombang beads (Java bead) red and white colors

Item Number 09 
Check here for price detail.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So many GIVEAWAY that I follow *wink*

I'm so ashamed actually. But I gotta to be honest, that I'm really very really excited in beads world. Perhaps, it's because I'm a newbie, so passion to get more info push me so hard. I've been following about 100 blogs and all of them are beads blog *grin*

And these are gorgeous GIVEAWAY that I follow...

Try to win Lory's Easy Beading Vol.6 ( the winner is For My Sweet Daughter )
Pam's set of beads so so tantalize ( the winner is mindfulbeader )
And this Mr.Thornton gives so many giveaway long the weekend
Monday ( the winner is Lorelei Eurto  )

Tuesday ( the winner is Rosanne  )

Wednesday ( the winner is Lorrwill  )

Thursday ( the winner is Raida Disbrow  )

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Lovely pattern from Mortira ( the winner is A Beadiful Mess & Moonlit Fantaseas )
Trudie Davies Simple & Elegance Giveaway ( the winner is Pardalote )

Sarah's Lovely Necklace

Cute Mouse => ( the winner is Fisiwoman )

Love These Stoppers ( the winner is Jilly D )

Will the goddess of fortune favor to me? *wishing*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Return From Long Holiday

*fuuiiihhh* tired yet lost. Almost six hours I had to stand on the way home from Pekalongan to Kediri. Using the train turned out to give me their own experiences. Unfortunately I did not bring my pocket camera *sorry* I can certainly capture the moments in the train of extremely crowded *grin* 

While in Pekalongan, I bought Luwak coffee bean. You guys ever hear don't you about this coffee bean. I'll sell it here. But since the amount slightly, so available one package only. I love the smell of coffee beans. Very fragrant...

Before returning to Surabaya, I took stopped at Jombang. I found some glass beads which are very cute. I will soon publish it here okay...

Time to get ready to return to my office tomorrow morning *fighting*

Blue Pea Bead with Caramel Garnish

Sounds so yummy isn't it *giggling* it's a bead actually. Gorgeous handmade lampwork bead from creative people of Jombang - East Java. Its shiny deep blue remind me of TITANIC Heart of the Ocean and its caramel line is so perfectly there as a garnish.
Item Number : 10
Size : 10 mm
Price is here

Friday, September 17, 2010

Triangle With Polka Dots Beads

It's lampwork bead originally from Jombang - East Java. Draw my attention at the first time I saw it.
Item Number : 08
Size : 12mm x 12mm
Check here for the price.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brownice Necklace With Jombang Lampwork Focal Bead And Sintetic Pearls

Very suitable for your working dress at office and steal a look that exudes effortless elegant look. With its diameter 33 cm, will look elegant when you wear it.
Item Number 07
Price is here

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'Deep Blue' Corn Lampwork Bead

Because its shape is similar to corn kernels, then the bead is named as 'corn beads'. Suitable for spacer beads, made in transparent blue and decorated with a pretty spot blend in shades of white, yellow and orange.

These are lampwork handmade beads. 
Origin : Jombang - East Java
Item Number 06
Average Size : 2 x 6 mm
Price is here

'Ladybug' Lentil Lampwork Bead

This is a glossy, tactile and comfy-to-wear bead. It is made in red and it has black spots. It would look great as a pendant or as a focal in a bracelet.
These are lampwork handmake beads from Jombang - East Java.
Size : 12 mm x 25 mm
Item number 05
Visit our page to check the price.

Below is the result of my creation using this bead. 
Hopefully will give you inspire.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peppercorn Lampwork Bead

Jombang lampwork rondelles. What a great selection of beads in one strand! Think of the pieces that you can create with so many beads at your fingertips. Beads are uniform in size. Have fun!
These are lampwork handmade beads. 
Origin : Jombang - East Java
Colour : Yellow with horizontal lines
Average Size : 2 x 3 mm
Item Number 04
Price is here

I made bag charm with these beads =)