Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flower Arranging

Perhaps many of you have already known that Gwyneth Paltrow host a website name goop but as for me, I just found it couple days ago. And I'm in love with it. Simple but cute and chic. It's about women mostly...about house...about kids...
I'm not fancy on her, but it seem that she is quite clean and really nice person. And I like the way she name her children, shown that she quite honest and unique person too.

And this time she talked about flower arranging. I love flowers although my husband is not so kind to bring it home frequently just for me , but at least once he bough me *kaahhh* I have already prepare a space for flower arrangement of my own, but I get trouble to find perfect moment to start it. And just today I bump with this article by gp. She talked a lot about vases of different shapes and sizes and tell what flowers to arrange in them and how. And this one is my fave...

You'll find a lot of new ways how to deal with your vases collection. Just open up your cupboards and examine what you have in stock, then get back here, READ diligent this article and then set your self with the challenge of making arrangement for your vase with flowers which are fit into it. 

Now...time to search some vases.
As I am online now, Etsy is the better place to find out right. Tanner Glass... Idle Creativity... Creatimity... Trishdalto... Sylwia Glass Art... Ginazetts...


  1. Nice post! And I forgot all about Gwenyth's blog until just now (thanks for the reminder). Thanks for including me!

  2. Thank you so much Lilikri for including my porcelain ceramic vase in your lovely post.