Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get Inspire For Mini Craft Fair - Part 1

Last week I read about hosting a craft fair on Cheryl's blog. It's quite give me idea to think about mini craft fair for my housing complex neighbor. In front of my house, there is a volley ball field. And mini garden beside it. It looks so perfect place to orginaze mini craft fair. Now...I can feel the thrill running into my blood hhheeemmm independence day sound like perfect moment. August just round the corner. Better be fast make some planning and proposal. What do I need then...

...decoration for mini booth for each exhibitors...
tik tok tik it is mini craft fair, so the exhibitors must be selected with carefully. No more than two exhibitors selling the same thing. Their booth must need something unique for decoration and each booth should be different. In my mind now, I have five categories of selling thing. Jewelry for sure and the Supplies of course, adding with Flannel Craft *booming in here* plus Toys Craft *lots of children will come along with their parents* and the final touch is Art. Perhaps something like these suitable for booth decoration...

This panel would look wonderful turned into a small wall hanging at Toys booth

This felt table runner so chic to display pieces at Flannel Craft booth

This pussy willow pillow could be alternative for earring stand at Jewelry booth. Just simple post the earrings on the pillow follow the willow pattern.

This statue perfect to put in front of Art booth to welcome everyone.

Fill the glass and the bottle with colorful of beads. It will give something eye-catching at Supplies booth.

...fabric canopy tent...
As in my plan, the craft fair will be at morning 'till evening 4pm. I'll talk about this next week. Cause I need to googling some beatiful tent and anything else for the fair need. be continue...

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