Sunday, June 24, 2012


Wondering what's that mean?!?
It refers to Bead Soup Blog Party. It is sort of exchange beads between  two partners and then when we receive it, we must create something using the beads that we have received. And it works for international participants too. Thanks and big hug for Lori Anderson our lovely host and this event is her creative idea too *originally* so I can meet with talented artisan from around the globe. And...this 6th Bead Soup Blog Party is my first time to join. And I picked Aug 25 for my reveal day. Why?!? I live in Surabaya - Indonesia. That's mean I need to concern about the delivery time for my bead package for my partner and try to estimate for arrival time of package that my partner will send to me. I must admit that our national post office is so slow in delivery packages. So need time more llooonnnggerr.
I'm amazed at how popular this party.'s 399 participants for the 6th international *wow* Lori must been hardworking for paired us *thank you dear*
And now...what I have got this afternoon on my mailbox?
My partner *smile* long the way to blueblood continent...France...
OMG...she lives in the most romatic country in the world. This must be interesting. My partner's name is Solange Collin and I get to know about her little bit from her Etsy shop and her web. She makes jewelry just like me and she sells Africa trade bead *ooohhhh* so she's beads lover too?!? Heemmm...take a look to her jewelry design below...
Scarlet Paintbrush by Solange Collin

As I design and produce my glass beads together with my beadmen, it's so lovely to find out that she loves african design beads, cause sometime we make replica of african beads too. Perhaps some original Indonesia's design such as dayak or timor glass bead design suitable for her *grin* here the african trade bead on her store that so pretty...
Now...I'm waiting for her reply *smile*
Curious about the beads she want me to send for her. But still I'm going thru my stash of things, prepare something for her and might give her some iconic thing from Indonesia he he he I hope I can hear from her ASAP cause I really do want to send the beads ASAP too. It just because post office things. Just want to send the package and arrive to her address save and soon. And expected the same too from her *wink*

Ok then...have a great weekend all.
And enjoy the party too =)))

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