Tuesday, June 26, 2012

M.H.I of The Month : Lampwork Beads

Must have item for this month is lampwork beads from Laura Sparling. I love her pieces since 2009. The first time I found Etsy, since then, I was diligently searching for something about glass bead or lampwork. And then I saw her blog. Fallen in love so deeply. And a classic reason why I still don't buy her beads is way too EXPENSIVE for me. As time goes by *2 years and still going*, now I'm fully understand why it takes cost high and I begin to accept the reason *smile* I still remember how I have been enjoying to read her post, but lately she seems little bit busy out there, and rarely to write her journey again on her blog. But still I love her pieces. I'll make a contact with her when I'm ready to order. For now, I read all her posts once again, looking for the beads that I want to ask her to re-make again. I hope she will ok with this *grin*
As I'm reading again her blog, so this post will be continuing blog post special about her. I'll tell you how special she is. And here one of my fav lampwork of her.....
Ocean Gleam Heart Pendant by Laura Sparling

She is very best on stringer lampwork beads. She seems to have very large of patience he he he read here about her story how to learn stringer beads. Now...enjoy her masterpiece on stringer lampwork beads.

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