Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re-post : My Bead Swap

I posted this at my Manik Jawa Inc's blog and then I decide to re-post it in here cause the activity actually represent my personal life. So it's better I put in here then...

Lets start once again ok...

I have Donna Millard as my partner for bead swap. Here the beads that I sent on monday for her. Hope she will love them. All the beads that I sent for her are handmade using traditional tools, no manufacturing machine by talented beadmen of Manik Jawa Inc.
Some round resin beads
A small plastic of wood bead
Handmade stainless steel finding
Some animal beads
Replica old beads
Onyx and marble stones
Batik beads

I sent all the beads using batik box (cause I have aaa loot of the beautiful etnic box). And she send her swap for me today...waaa...impatient to wait...

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