Friday, August 31, 2012

Sneak Peek

Create something with time limit is really stressful. Stress is for sure but when I finished the project one by one, I'm so so happy to see it. For this week, from wednesday to sunday I 'must' (speek to myself) finish my soup from Tanya. She sent me mysterius beads call Japa Mala. I though after saw it, it just ordinary pray wood beads which coated with yellow color. The ordinary yellow coating color turns out to be 24 carats gold *w.o.w* precious beads. Tanya suggest me to give the beads white clear coat to protect the gold. I'm thinking about clear nail hardener, is it ok? Suggestion please...
Here sneak peek what I did with the Japa Mala + special goddest toogle
I've been focusing a lot on seed beads recently. I adore this beads, but this beads quite difficult to design, so must waiting for the right one. And for this bead soup challange Tanya sent me 1 full strand of 8mm round denim lapis and I want to make something using beading technique. First in my mind is tassel! This will be the first time I make tassel. Here the photo progress...
And the last, I decide that it is time to tackle the last of my soup bead - silver bead caps - mostly bead caps are half round, mine are square *dink* quite difficult to find the perfect and match beads for the caps. But I did it *smile*

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