Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd Bead Soup Package Arrived

This morning I received the package from Tanya w.o.w when I saw the beads, those are quite difficult to play *garok garok kepala* About 3 hour I tried to make a design and then changed it cause too 'rigid' he he he I think I need a bit time to play with the beads. Ohhh...almost forget, here the soup that I received today...
Thanks a lot to Tanya and Solange *big hug* I'll do my best to turn those beads, specially the toogle and clasp, into something special *promise*


  1. Oh I'm so sorry this took so LONG!

    1. Hi Lori =)
      Not too long actually, cause Tanya sent the soup on Aug 13th, touch-down in Jakarta on Aug 17th. But unfortunately we had long holiday in here to celebrate Eid from Aug 16th - 25th, so all government facility on holiday too =(