Monday, July 2, 2012


I'm in trouble.
I run bead online store and own permanent beadmen.
I have beads collection and mostly my own beads.
I design and make jewelry in my leisure time.
And I only have one little room for all those activities above.
If I ask about another room, that's almost impossible. Our house is small with 2 bedroom and 1 room for my job. So I must be good at rearranging this small room to be able to do those three activities at once. My goal for this month is to clean-up my messy working room.

Although my working room is messy, but I managed my bead soup beads on time. My ribbon and my greeting card finished last night. This time I send my beads full with information, just not like my first bead swap, I didn't give info about the beads that I had sent. The picture above is what I'm sending today for Solange. I hope I picked something unique enough for her and full of challange beads to play *smile*  


  1. Lili,what a wonderful package, i am sure i am going to love it.
    So happy to have you as a partner, can't wait to receive my beads.

    1. The focal is special re-make just for you =)
      I seen on your Etsy shop that you sell some African glass beads, so it'll be cute surprise.

  2. Replies
    1. Well...must wait until Miss Solange receives the package =)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot to you Lori to manage such a great party =)
      BTW Lori, I have watched others bead soup packages, and it seems the beads that they sent have certain palette of colors. Mine don't have it =( I sent my beads in many different colors. Cause I know that Ms. Solange likes unique beads, so I sent the beads base on that theme.'s gonna be tough beads to play then =)