Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bead Soup For My Partner

My bead soup for my partner - Solange Collin - arrived this monday safely to her address at Nancy - France. I'm totally forget to take photo of the beads that I sent for her. Photo below belongs to her. She took the photo to show me that the soup in good condition he he he I'm glad that she loves the beads. I hope she will have a great time to play with the beads.
Now...let me give a bit information about the beads above special for Solange from me, just in case you curious with the beads *smile*
A. My ribbon that I made
B. Tulungagung marble stones in white and brown
C. Kenjeran triangle seashell beads and MOP flower
D. Pacitan slice agate stone
E. Java glass bead with majapahit pattern
F. Leaf clasp & toogle
G. Snake clasp by Bali silver craft
H. S stainless steel handmade by Henry Surya
I. Java glass bead with indo-pacific style
J. Focal java glass bead with africa style
K. Java glass bead with modern pattern
L. Stainless steel ornamen bead handmade by Henry Surya
M. Java glass bead with modern style
N. Enamel clasp made in China
O. Clay bead link handmade by Sri Wulan
P. Cow bone beads
Q. Bali clay beads
R. Fungi by Manik Jawa
S. Java glass bead with Dayak style's time for me to wait for my soup arrive =)


  1. Indonesia bgttt...
    Love them all...!
    Yang P dibuat lagi kayaknya banyak yg suka mbak... :p

    1. Ini agak ribet Sist. Makan proses terlalu lama. Dan kebanyakan customer yang pesan nggak sabar nunggu prosesnya benar2 100%, padahal ini pengaruh banget sama hasil maniknya utk jangka panjang. Kalau prosesnya 'nggak matang' beneran, dalam waktu 1 tahun maniknya bisa jamuran =(