Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling So Blue

Lately, I let my blog empthy *sorry* cause I have a critical reason. My laptop harddrive was broken. So I went to internet cafe to up-date my ministore and blog + checking my mailbox. All my files and pictures are gone. I was hardly trembling after known that all my files were gone. Just....wuuuuzzzzz....!!!!!

And now...I've got new harddrive. After spending about US$70. And I have been pending my funding season for SETI *grin* And I feel sorry for this. They sent me a THANK YOU card, whereas, I have not contributed for this year *yet* But I promise my self that I'll send my fund as a Christmas little gift for them *smile* I love this project so much and I enjoy hanging-out with all the people who has jointed in this but friendly and very welcome...
*fighting* I start to take some shoots from now on. My beads, my supplies and write down again my inventory note. Aha...I think I need suggestion *please* Is it the best way if I make my inventory note using computer (all save in my computer) or I should make note by traditional way (writing down on paper book) ? Please give me some advices okay...

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