Friday, December 17, 2010

Etsy's Favorite Design of The Month

As I open my ministore at Etsy and Artfire, so automatically I'll frequently visiting both online store. And spend my leasure time browsing amazing creativity by artisants at both online store. I always amaze with them, so many creativity everyday. I'll pick one design for each online store, which catch my eyes and managed to make me chuckle admiringly, and put it here as my Fav Design of The Month *congrat*

Etsy goes first...and I found...                          SpĆ³ra 
She using seeds found in the Amazon forest for her jewellery design combain with semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and brass. I'm so curious, seed is something that easily rot, how she managed the seed become something durable and lasting *frown* There must be special technique to create a simple but elegant jewellery with base materials from seeds. 

Take a look to her beautiful collections...

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