Sunday, September 19, 2010

Return From Long Holiday

*fuuiiihhh* tired yet lost. Almost six hours I had to stand on the way home from Pekalongan to Kediri. Using the train turned out to give me their own experiences. Unfortunately I did not bring my pocket camera *sorry* I can certainly capture the moments in the train of extremely crowded *grin* 

While in Pekalongan, I bought Luwak coffee bean. You guys ever hear don't you about this coffee bean. I'll sell it here. But since the amount slightly, so available one package only. I love the smell of coffee beans. Very fragrant...

Before returning to Surabaya, I took stopped at Jombang. I found some glass beads which are very cute. I will soon publish it here okay...

Time to get ready to return to my office tomorrow morning *fighting*

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