Monday, October 1, 2012

Ohhh..lovely MONDAY!

This morning I got lots of surprise! And thanks God all of them are nice and beautiful. First my friend who live in South Korea back home with tons of goodies *wow* he handed me a big box of magazines and one complite series of The X-Files season 3. I get to prepare my self stay-up for The X-Files reunion. 
And about tea time around 10.00AM the post officer came brough me a package from CANADA! YEESSS! It's from Jo-Ann *big smile* Curios?!? Here the beads she choose for me base on Pantone Fall/Winter colors trend.
She wrap the package so so neatly. And I love the greeting card she sent for me.
See what I mean with neatly *smile* and in order too. Now I recalled the way I wrap my package for her *so poor*
Here the beads she choose for me. For the first time finally I touch Lucite *big hug Jo-Ann*
French Roast + Honey Gold + Rhapsody + Titanium
Pink Flambe + Ultramarine Green + Olympian Blue + Bright Chartreuse + Tangerine Tango + Rose Smoke + Bonus  Charlottes *thank you so much Jo-Ann*
My monday complitely full of joy!!! Thank you Yoo and Jo-Ann =*.^= I hope Jo-Ann will receive my package ASAP.


  1. So glad that you like it all. It was fun selecting everything.
    Happy Beading!!

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